London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers is always  looking for new members. We have two levels of membership for volunteering. You  may choose which best suits your skill set, time and level of availability and  personal experience. We are a hard-working group, but we are also a group that enjoys our work and make time for fun and enjoyment.

We have each potential new member fill out an  application form and enter into an application that includes a safe screening  process. You may download the form below and begin this process yourself by  entering your personal information and attending your local police service in  your jurisdiction and applying for a background check. If you have any questions about this process, you can go to the contact page and speak to a coordinator at Crime Stoppers office. You can also view our Membership Application form.

General Member

General members are available to volunteer at our special events or for general duties when required. Examples of duties might be to assist with an  event like Jail-a-thon for the entire day, or to set up the night before. We  have booths that need to be staffed at Western Fair for 3 and 4 hours at a time that need good public relations personnel to speak to the general public on behalf of Crime Stoppers. To act in this capacity, however, you must have attended to training sessions and events and gathered knowledge about our programs. We also need people to act in our television re-enactments once monthly and to assist us with fundraising events.

Board Members

Board Members are the leaders and governing members of the Crime Stoppers program. Board Members are expected to attend twelve meetings annually, sit on  two fundraising committees or to provide a special function at the Board level, such as an Executive member. Board members liaise with business partners, attend functions and fundraisers, and recruit new members. Our Board is a  working Board rather than just a governance body, though certain members do hold specific roles. We send our Board Members for training and conference  learning, and they are expected to commit for a minimum of two years. Board members also make presentations to  Students and Community groups, both large and small audiences.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We look forward to working with you!